I am a London Photographer based in  SW London but can drive.
I started with photography in 1980 with August Sander Photography in Cologne, Germany, and specialized in Portrait Photography and Event Photography.

After starting a family, I became a primary school teacher, and with 5 children of my own, I have lots of experience and feel very comfortable with children.
I came to London in 1996 and started here as a Portrait Photographer. Since 2000 I am working mainly with digital cameras and since then have never stopped educating myself. I have a studio in London SW18 but can also carry my equipment around and can shoot in almost any location. I always try to use available natural light, as it will bring out the best of you! But I can also use big flashheads if the situation requires it.

Photography has always been my passion and I am aiming to make my photos your passion as well! I can asure you, you will look your best and the photos will make you feel good about yourself.




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